This is the site for the COuntdown in NOTtingham (CONOT) tournament, to be held on Saturday, 26th July at the Westdale Lane Community Centre in Mapperley, Nottingham.

CONOT, which replaces Countdown in Bristol for 2008, will be a tournament held in Bristol fashion (as opposed to Countdown in Lincoln's Edinburgh-style). Players will be paired using the Swiss system of pairing, and will play against each other in a classic 9-round game of Countdown, with every pairing in the room playing to the same selection of letters, numbers, or conundrums. After six games, the winner will be decided, as always, by total number of wins followed by total number of points scored.

There will be cash prizes for at least first and second place- value to be determined- with an additional prize for the highest-finishing player who began the day in the lower half of the ratings list. Other spot prizes will be available on the day.

Before festivities begin, there will be opportunity for an open Goatdown challenge, followed by a short exhibition game between two top players.


10:30 Goatdown
11:10 Exhibition match
12:00 Welcomes
12:10 Round 1
13:00 Lunch
13:30 Round 2
14:10 Round 3
14:40 Tea break
15:10 Round 4
15:50 Round 5
16:20 Tea break
16:40 Round 6
17:10 Prizegiving

If you want to know the current player line-up for CONOT please click HERE. If you wish to enter CONOT, simply email me, Ben Wilson, at or , or visit CONOT's facebook page by clicking HERE.


The Westdale Lane Community Centre, run by Gedling Borough Council, caters for many events such as birthday parties, parent and toddler groups, religious meetings and many more events. For the satnav and multimap fans amongst you, the venue's post code is NG3 6ES. Click HERE for multimap-powered directions from Nottingham railway station, and HERE for public transport options from the station (assuming arrival time of 10am- this can be changed as needed on the site itself).


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COUNTDOWN IN LINCOLN- COLIN, as it's known for short, is CONOT's counterpart in Lincoln, held every year during the last weekend in January.
THE COUNTDOWN CORRAL- Website owned by Soo Reams, general all-round great guy, keeper of the unofficial Countdown ratings table and writer of SwissCheese, the program used to draw the tables at COLIN.
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TILEFISH- The UK's one-stop Scrabble shop run by Amy Byrne, also sells amongst its wares the latest edition of the Countdown board game.


Charlie Reams for writing triplicute, the fantastic program used to determine pairings at CONOT.
Susie Dent, Carol Vorderman, Des Lynam & The Late, Great Richard Whiteley for bringing the show to life on the screen.
Armand Jammot for having such a brilliant idea all those years ago, and turning his idea into the reality (but not reality TV!) we see on our screens six days a week.

Ben Wilson 2005-8

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